Spider Bite Brewery hits the mark with Ryeno

Ryeno is a rye barrel aged American barleywine. A great Long Island brewery collaboration between Destination Unknown Brewing Company and Spiderbite Brewery. Using barrels from LIV, A fantastic Long Island distillery. This barleywine (it's a beer not a wine) comes in at a nice 12% abv which is very good for storing away till next year or longer. I chose to open this bad boy now and I was rewarded with its nice dark brown barrel aged color. Having a spicy rye alcohol smell. The beginning taste is all fruit, I mostly tasted fig. You get the rye going down the throat not overbearing, a very nice finish. Although the longer I let it sit, the more intense the finish became.
If you get a chance to get your hands on this very limited brew, you won't be disappointed.
Keep on Day Drinking.

Brick By Brick

As I haven't had anything new so far in 2018 ,Let's take a look at some photos from last January at Revolutions.

Here is Brick By Brick Hardcore/Metal band from Troy, NY.  These guys killed it! Check out their facebook,instagram(@brickbybrickhc) and if you can check them Jan. 13th opening for Dying Fetus.

brick by brick_0133.jpg
brick by brick_0154.jpg
brick by brick_0140.jpg
brick by brick_0182.jpg

Happy 2018

Another year begins and I still get nervous and anxious of what the year will bring.Never one to dwell on the past (ok maybe a little) The future holds many options for us to get it together. Have a great Year and look forward to hear about whats going on in your Year. 

key west 2017_0287.jpg

What A great January.

Music ,Music, Music. 44 artist have rolled their way thru Long Island this month. I love the chance of hearing new genres, seeing new faces and enjoying the moments with everyone.For a look at the photos click my smug mug link at the top right of the page

1st show for Cryptic Rock.com in 2017

Had a great time at The Paramount in Huntington and truthfully ,who doesn't.Please check out the live concert review and enjoy my photos.