Killswitch Engage - Clutch -Cro mags Conquer The Paramount. Huntington ,Long Island

Opening the night were the legendary New York Crow-Mags ,cracking old anthems and riffs from their new 7” ep “don’t give in”.

Clutch was up and they as always killed, plus our bonus a full set of clutch.

Killswitch Engage stormed the stage and With their new album “atonement” out the guys were amazing as they pumped the crowd and I believe we pumped them .

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Blues Traveler ,MOE and G. love

Blues Traveler ,MOE and G. love rocked the bald hill amphitheater. Farmingville,NY

G. Love started with a really great acoustic set. The Blues Traveler killed it !But during their encore the members of Moe came and started to replace the members of blues traveler as they continued to play. Very cool way to start Moe set.

g love_0002.jpg
g love_0799.jpg
blues traveler_0007.jpg
blues traveler_0032.jpg

Spider Bite Brewery hits the mark with Ryeno

Ryeno is a rye barrel aged American barleywine. A great Long Island brewery collaboration between Destination Unknown Brewing Company and Spiderbite Brewery. Using barrels from LIV, A fantastic Long Island distillery. This barleywine (it's a beer not a wine) comes in at a nice 12% abv which is very good for storing away till next year or longer. I chose to open this bad boy now and I was rewarded with its nice dark brown barrel aged color. Having a spicy rye alcohol smell. The beginning taste is all fruit, I mostly tasted fig. You get the rye going down the throat not overbearing, a very nice finish. Although the longer I let it sit, the more intense the finish became.
If you get a chance to get your hands on this very limited brew, you won't be disappointed.
Keep on Day Drinking.