Foreigner , Whitesnake , Jason Bonham Zepplin Experience

Here is the link to our review and photos from Jones Beach,NY

foreigner jones beach 2018_0300.jpg
whitesnake jones beach_0153.jpg
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Crossfit Trainer shoot

Had a fabulous time shooting Crossfit Trainer Robyn. We went outside of the crossfit box to create some portraits and  Headshot

robyn 216 fx_web.jpg
robyn_69_fx_circle copy_web_edited-1.jpg

Spider Bite Brewery hits the mark with Ryeno

Ryeno is a rye barrel aged American barleywine. A great Long Island brewery collaboration between Destination Unknown Brewing Company and Spiderbite Brewery. Using barrels from LIV, A fantastic Long Island distillery. This barleywine (it's a beer not a wine) comes in at a nice 12% abv which is very good for storing away till next year or longer. I chose to open this bad boy now and I was rewarded with its nice dark brown barrel aged color. Having a spicy rye alcohol smell. The beginning taste is all fruit, I mostly tasted fig. You get the rye going down the throat not overbearing, a very nice finish. Although the longer I let it sit, the more intense the finish became.
If you get a chance to get your hands on this very limited brew, you won't be disappointed.
Keep on Day Drinking.